Fritz Möbus was a star sprinter on the running tracks of Europe. Winner of several championships and well known to a large audience, the son of a shoemaker opens 1924 a workshop in Crailsheim. He becomes now also a champion as a top shoe manufacturer for top athletes.

Fritz Möbus, der Läufer.

Olympia Berlin 1936
1936, during the Olympic Games in Berlin, many athletes who are wearing möbus sport shoes are winning Olympic medals.
Frieda Möbus

The reconstruction is beginning. After a fatal accident, Fritz Möbus’s wife Frieda courageously carries on the family business…

Möbus Verkaufssfläche 50er Jahre

…and the economic miracle starts. Boxing boots, soccer shoes or shoes for fencers, tennis players, mountaineers, skiers, ballet dancers or gymnasts – möbus manufactures the shoes for all sports and becomes one of the leading manufacturers in Europe.

50er Jahre Werbung – Mit Möbus siegt man leichter

50er Jahre Werbung – Schuhe für den Sport

Möbus develops the revolutionary ‘wide stripe shoe’ which provides extremely firm support and möbus continues to produce it until the end of the 1960’s, when the möbus “M” is established as the unique brand logo.

Fußballbundesliga 1963
1963, the start of the German
Many soccer stars
score their goals
with möbus shoes.

The möbus factory in Crailsheim produces not only möbus shoes, but also “Onitsuka Tigers” and “asics”.

Fritz and Frieda Möbus’s daughter Ilse takes over the business in Crailsheim and produces mainly shoes for gymnastics and artistic gymnastics and becomes a market leader…

Fußballmannschaft in Möbus-Trikots

Ilse’s son Dieter Wahl, who grew up playing between the seamstresses and shoemakers in the workshop and the leather warehouse, learns now the craft of a shoemaker.

For the celebration of möbus’s eighty-year anniversary, all hostesses and employees at the Berlin fashion fair Bread & Butter wear the möbus shoe with a golden logo.

Dieter Wahl continues the family tradition that was passed to him from his grandfather Fritz Möbus. Together with his partners Marco Offenhäuser and Jochen Schmidt and the fashion designer John Ribbe, they managed to raise the traditional brand from Crailsheim to cult status.